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  • Check out some frequently asked questions below.
    • What services does Aeon Mobile do?

      Aeon mobile is a business committed in helping customer to sell used phone for cash. We provide seamless, hassle free service of picking up phone and offering highest price possible.

    • What brands do Aeon Mobile accept?

      As of current, we only accept Apple products. In future, we will accept other brands such as Samsung and Google. Do refer to our product page for specific phone models accepted.

    • What conditions of phone does Aeon Mobile purchase?

      Different cosmetic conditions will affect pricing of phone but we buy phones as long as all hardwares are functioning, there is no crack on screen and phone is unlocked. No box or incomplete accesories is not an issue.

    • Are prices negotiable?

      Unfortunately, all displayed prices are fixed. Be ensured that we offer best market price possible.

    • What happen to phones sold to Aeon Mobile?

      Simply put, the phones are recycled! Rather than letting the phones left unused, we find others who are eager and willing to use the phones. Regardless the conditions, there is value in every used phone.

    • What about data stored in phones?

      Security is of key importance to us. We ensure that all phones are reset to factory settings and all datas are wiped before phones are passed to the next user. Trust that we take extra care on your privacy.

    • How do I contact Aeon Mobile?

      Reach us at help@aeonmobile.com.sg or +65 85117614

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